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Specialized in venture capital investment services on the buy side & sell side, in Saudi Arabia & the MENA region

About Chrome Advisory

Venture Capital investment service specialists

Chrome Advisory is specialized in venture capital investment services, on the buy side and sell side. Extending services to individual and institutional investors, Chrome Advisory covers venture capital fund structuring and formation, asset selection, vetting and valuation. Emphasis is placed on business growth, scaling, monetization and exiting, in addition, to tailored financial content.

Our role at Chrome Advisory is to create a synergy between the two sides and finalize deals to contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Why Venture Capital funding?

Aspiring startups and small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) require the right funding to scale their businesses. On the other hand, Venture Capital funds are always on the lookout for startups and SMEs with strong and promising growth potential. Whilst these investments are generally deemed high risk opportunities, they also offer high-returns.

Our role at Chrome Advisory is to create a synergy between the two sides and finalize deals, offering venture capital investment services, to contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.



Venture Capital Structuring & Creation, Advisory Services

From structuring and forming VC funds, including drafting PPMs, to appointing fund advisors. Chrome Advisory offers ongoing management services of portfolio investments (including setting up deals) to provide deal flows tailored to investment strategies.


Due Diligence and valuations

At Chrome Advisory, the team is specialized in information technology, Apps, transactional platforms and educational technologies. This, coupled with in-depth understanding of industry-specific valuation methodologies, allows for clients to gain the tools needed to make better informed investment decisions.


Investment Banking Services for Startups

At Chrome Advisory, assets are placed from the acceleration stage onwards. Our services include supporting entrepreneurs with restructuring, financial modeling, valuation, deal structuring and eventually exiting. Chrome Advisory’s portfolio of startups and SME provides ample prospects to an extensive network of investors.


Corporate Advisory Services

Chrome Advisory provides strategic advice to corporates to prepare them for imminent changes, regulations and events. This entails extensive work on business restructuring, covering: Corporate financing, financial engineering, operating procedures restructuring, digital transformation and financial reports and specialized content writing.

Vision 2030
Our Commitment


Vision 2030 has been conceptualized by the leadership of Saudi Arabia, outlining the aspirations and long-term strategic goals of the Kingdom, to fuel economic growth.

At Chrome Advisory, our mission is aligned with a number of Vision Realization Programs, primarily ‘Financial Sector Development’. Our mission also contributes to other objectives such as empowering Saudi youth and women, as well as to develop the SME sector, as the driving force of economic growth in the private sector.

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About Chrome Advisory

Chrome Advisory combines a depth of knowledge and expertise in both finance and information technology. Having this collective experience under one umbrella gives us an edge in accessing and assessing assets deeply rooted in these verticals.

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