Vision 2030: Our commitment

Vision 2030: Our commitment

Developing the financial sector

Vision 2030 has been conceptualized by the leadership of Saudi Arabia, outlining the aspirations and long-term strategic goals of the Kingdom. The unique strengths and capabilities of the Kingdom in various sectors, have been segmented into key areas and sectors, spread across 96 strategic objectives. The overarching aim of Vision 2030 is to drive the economy forward, whilst developing Saudi Arabia across numerous realms.

At Chrome Advisory, our mission is aligned with the ‘Financial Sector Development Vision Realization Program’. The program’s aim is to “develop a diversified and effective financial sector to support the development of the national economy, diversify its sources of income, and stimulate savings, finance and investment.”

By enabling financial institutions to support the growth of the private sector, advancing the formation and capabilities of capital markets, and promoting the concept of financial planning, Vision 2030 is expected to take the financial sector to new heights.

The commitments of the ‘Financial Sector Development Program’ which are aligned with the objectives of Chrome Advisory, include:

  • To fully comply with international standards related to financial stability
  • Opening the Financial Services sector to emerging players (i.e., FinTechs) to spur innovation and growth

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Chrome Advisory combines a depth of knowledge and expertise in both finance and information technology. Having this collective experience under one umbrella gives us an edge in accessing and assessing assets deeply rooted in these verticals.

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