How can Saudi startups attract VC funding?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all businesses across the globe, including those operating in Saudi Arabia. The repercussions of the pandemic have resulted in new trends in the venture capital scene, and Saudi investors’ have shifted their strategies. Many of the changes brought about during and post-pandemic are here to stay and continue to transform […]

Winners & losers: The Saudi startups capturing funding

The winning and losing sectors in Saudi Arabia The winners: lucrative sectors which received funding in Saudi Arabia According to a recent report by Magnitt and the Saudi Venture Capital Company, startups in Saudi Arabia have seen a 102% year-on-year increase in funding in the first half of the year to USD 95 million, despite […]

How have Saudi investors’ strategies changed?

The impact of the economic crisis and shifting market dynamics, on Saudi investors’ strategies  Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all businesses across the globe, including those operating in Saudi Arabia. With repercussions ranging from dampened economies, to bleak forecasted GDP growth, as well as forced closures and remote work, companies shifted their […]

Chrome Advisory signs agreement with Al Awwal Capital

Chrome Advisory and Al Awwal Capital have signed an agreement to collaborate, to strengthen investments in the thriving startup scene in Saudi Arabia. The entrepreneurial sector in Saudi Arabia has been rapidly growing, with many startups from different industries entering the market in the past few years. This is due to extensive support and national […]

#DealMakers2020 strengthens entrepreneurial ecosystem in KSA

The #DealMakers2020 event, held in Riyadh and hosted by Endeavor Saudi and Endeavor Jordan, created over 1000 touchpoints, between entrepreneurs and investors. Chrome Advisory’s Senior Partners were present, contributing their expertise, to fuel the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. Chrome Advisory’s Senior Partners, Loulwa Bakr and Khalid Suleimani took part in the event, in a […]

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