Business Analysis: Home Maintenance Apps

Business Analysis: Home Maintenance Apps

Vast opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s mobile residential facility management market

For decades, home maintenance services in Saudi Arabia were carried out through traditional service providers. However, through the advent of digitization, and the introduction of mobile applications, catering to homeowners’ maintenance needs in 2015, the sector is poised for rapid growth.

The mobile residential facility management and home maintenance market, has recently been identified as one of the top 10 sectors with high potential of growth for electronic applications. The realization of the potential of the sector was assessed, covering the different drivers, segments and challenges of this growing industry. In addition, with growing housing needs of a young and growing population and an increase in internet penetration, the services sector is shifting the user landscape. Coupled with the growth of e-commerce solutions, online platforms and mobile applications, the residential facilitate management market is becoming an increasingly attractive and viable sector for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

In ‘Business Analysis: Home Maintenance Apps’, Chrome Advisory uncovers the potential of the market, as well as the opportunities and challenges. Research shows that the home maintenance and residential facility management mobile applications market is one of the top 10 growing app markets in the region.

Download the report and browse other thought leadership pieces by Chrome Advisory here.

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