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Venture capital services in Saudi Arabia & the MENA region

Chrome Advisory's services are centered on venture capital, covering VC fund advisory services, transactional services, investment banking services for tech startups and conducting specialized market research. The team works closely with individual and institutional investors, including VC funds, angel investors, family offices and corporates in KSA and across the MENA region.

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Fund Advisory Services

Chrome Advisory’s fund advisory services cover asset selection, startup placement and investments, as well as structuring VC funds. It offers ongoing management services of portfolio investments (including setting up deals) to provide deal flows tailored to investment strategies.

Transactional Services

Chrome Advisory also extends transactional services to Fund Managers on the asset level, including due diligence, valuation, deal structuring and closing. With an in-depth understanding of industry-specific valuation methodologies, investors gain the tools needed to make better informed investment decisions.

Investment Banking Services for Tech Startups

Chrome Advisory works closely with founders, preparing them to become ‘finance ready’, by uncovering the value of their startup, building their data room and assisting them with fundraising and placement. Alongside its investment banking services to technology-based startups, Chrome Advisory is also an investor in high-growth startups. Its portfolio includes successful ventures that either scaled, received second round financing or exited.

Specialized Market Research

Through its dedicated arm specialized in in-depth market research, Chrome Advisory devises successful investment strategies for investors. The due diligence reports, market studies and research, serve as a reference for institutions and individuals in both the public and private sectors.

● Corporate financing
● Financial engineering
● Operating procedures restructuring
● Digital transformation
● Financial reports and specialized content writing

About Chrome Advisory

Chrome Advisory combines a depth of knowledge and expertise in both finance and information technology. Having this collective experience under one umbrella gives us an edge in accessing and assessing assets deeply rooted in these verticals.

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